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User experience, Product design

Cafeteria support service mobile app.

A new cafeteria has opened at the college.
So that the cafeteria staff and manager will know
better how to improve performance.

i designed a mobile service app where students and employees can :
- Rate the dishes and drinks they ordered.
- View the highest rated dishes and know what to order next time.

- See healthy foods and their benefits:
- How a particular food or drink will improve 
concentration while studying or working.


The athletes among them will have recommendations for
foods that help build muscle mass and strengthen the body.

Accelerate metabolism



cafeteria re.png

Main target audience:
Managers of the cafeteria


Secondary target audience: 
students, college employees and guests.



Survey participants:

2 Students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
3 Students from the College of Management
One employee from the College of Management and one employee from Tel Aviv University.
1 Student from Tel Aviv University
1 Student from Afeka College of Engineering
1 Student at the Academic College - Jaffa Tel Aviv


Asset 1_72x.png

Hobbies: Playing volleyball, walking with Jin the dog on the beach in Tel Aviv. Dror Makes sure to eat healthy and sometimes eats burger and fries.

“I'm oredering food from the cafeteria every day I'm in college.

I don’t have time to prepare fresh meals early in the morning. Sometimes I also have a hard time deciding what to order to eat and I am late for my class because of it.”

Needs: Dror wants to know what other students are ordering to eat and drink and what dishes and drinks they recommend.

Dror Houminer

Age: 26 Location: Tel Aviv , Israel .

Student of Industrial Engineering

and Management at Afeka

College of Engineering.

Status: Single

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